“In God We Trust”

“In God We Trust” was adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956. ”In God we trust” first appeared on U.S. coins in 1864 and has appeared on paper currency since 1957. In August 2015, Sheriff Doolen decided to add the motto to the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office patrol cars. This logo came at no cost to the county thanks to Southern Designs of Bolivar who donated the decals. The motto is being placed on patrol cars all across the nation. “With everything going on in the world right now, God is the only thing we can trust,” Sheriff Doolen said. Doolen said the phrase does not specify which God it is referring to and does not infringe on anyone’s rights.



Hardeman County K-9 assists McNairy County

sheriff photos 2

On the morning of July 15, 2015, the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office was asked to assist McNairy County with a burglary.  Immediately, Deputy Jason McCord and K-9 Jack responded to Finger Post Office which had been burglarized. Once on the scene, K-9 Jack began to pick up a scent of the suspects which led straight to a nearby residence. McNairy County Sheriff’s Office was then able to obtain a search warrant at that residence where they were able to locate evidence from the break-in which in return led to the arrests of the suspects.

Officers Recognized

IMG_2021On the morning of March 21, 2015 officers responded to a one vehicle crash on Highway 100 near the Hatchie River. When officers arrived they noticed a car off the roadway and upside down submerged in water. They soon realized there was a young lady trapped inside the vehicle. Captain Ben Davis of Whiteville Police Department, Deputy Vincent Hunt, Deputy Joseph Brewer, both of Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office and Communications Officer Cheri Baker, who was doing a ride-a-long with Deputy Brewer, all waded into the cold water and assisted in saving the young lady’s life. It was later determined that the lady had been trapped in her car for approximately 10 hours. Due to the cold temperature and being in the cold water, the lady had a core body temperature of approximately 80 degrees. Once rescued from her vehicle she was airlifted to the Med in Memphis. The young lady has since been released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. If it was not for the bravery and selflessness that these officers displayed that morning, the young lady may have lost her life. The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank these officers for going above and beyond the call of duty and thanks to everyone who assisted with the crash on March 21.

Communications Officer Cheri Baker
BREWER__1427379456_93076 hunt__1427379397_33091
Deputy Joseph Brewer Deputy Vincent Hunt

officers honored

Deputy Woods chosen as SRO


Deputy Charles Woods was recently chosen as the new school resource officer. Deputy Woods has worked alongside the school for many years by officiating basketball games and as a bus driver. Deputy Woods will be assigned to Bolivar Central High School. Congratulations Deputy Woods!


The Hardeman County K9 Unit

jack__1424193092_35586In February 2013 the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office created a K9 Unit.  The Sheriff’s Office is the third agency in the county to obtain a K9 Unit.  In November 2013 the Sheriff’s Office purchased K9 Deputy Jack from the Little Rock K9 Academy. Jack is a 3 year old German Shepherd. K9 Deputy Jack is certified to detect and alert for Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamine, and Heroine.  Jack is also capable of tracking suspects on the run, clearing buildings, and apprehending fleeing suspects on or off leash.


K9 Deputy Jack has been partnered with Deputy Jason McCord with whom he lives while off duty and from whom he receives daily care and training.  Both are on call to respond as needed in a custom outfitted 2008 Dodge Magnum which has been equipped with remote door unlock and temperature sensors, as well as dash cam and remote audio for documenting K9 activity during traffic stops.


The Website


The Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office is located at 505 South Main Street in Bolivar, TN.  This website has been established in an effort to provide better service to the county.  Please check back regularly for updates and information.

DIAL 911 for all emergency calls.  To report a crime please contact Central Dispatch 24 hours a day at 731-228-3000.  To submit information regarding ongoing non-emergency criminal activity please use the button located on the left of the page.

PHONE# 731-228-3000

FAX# 731-658-3803

Booking Reports

Booking reports may now be found via the “corrections” drop-down menu or by clicking here.  A running monthly report, updated weekly, will be available for download or viewing within your browser.  A link to a free PDF reader has been provided.  This will serve to reduce the amount of clutter on the front page, reserving that for more important information.